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Trudy Harvey Tait
Trudy Harvey Tait


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Three in Love


Charles & Susanna Spurgeon
William & Catherine Booth
John & Madeleine Oberlin
George Bowen & Emma Morris
Jonathan & Rosalind Goforth
Tom & Iva Vennard
James & Ruth Stewart
John & Betty Stam
Edwin & Lillian Harvey


The title of this book, “Three in Love,” was the brainchild of my mother, Lillian Harvey.  It refers to the only legitimate love-triangle on record—bride, bridegroom and the Lord Jesus Himself!  Young people, Lillian told me, must be encouraged to include Christ in their courtship and marriage.  How better to do this than relating the romances of God’s servants of the past, showing how each couple had included Christ in their relationship, not just when they said their vows at the altar, but each day of their married lives—three in love, for time and for eternity!  

I, of course, listened to Lillian's idea, admired her vision, agreed that there was an increasing need of such a book, but took it for granted that she would be the author.  I soon discovered this was not in her thinking.  I was to be the one who would write it, not she!  As the years passed, Lillian would mention her vision from time to time and even began to collect material on the romances of the Spurgeons, Oberlins, and several others.  I was too busy, however, editing my parents’ books and taking care of my family to attempt the project.  I hoped that Mother would decide to write it herself, someday.  But that day never arrived.

When Lillian became ill, I began to review the material she had collected and added to it.  I even wrote a few sketches but got no further.  Her vision had not yet become mine.  Besides, I felt too flawed, too “human,” to write such a book.  Mother passed away four years ago, and Three in Love remained unwritten.  Gradually, however, as I saw the institution of marriage become increasingly threatened, I decided that perhaps now was the time to fulfill mother’s vision, or rather, to make it my own.

While reading this book, it must be kept in mind that these stories are not meant to be biographies.  I realize that this small volume leaves out far more than it includes.  Therefore, if these romances seem “unearthily” perfect, that is the reason.  Each husband and wife was as human as you and I and faced the same dilemmas, felt the same hurts, and strove after the same goal—to follow Christ together each step of their united journey.  I have, however, attempted to show that even the best of saints need Christ in their marriage in order to make it a true success.  I have included what I knew of their struggles in the hope that my readers might identify with them, but my sources were often limited.  The last sketch of Edwin and Lillian Harvey perhaps reveals more of the human side of marriage because I had access to private letters as well as witnessing, personally, what it takes to live out a marriage where Christ is the Third and Unseen Partner. 

I hope to write a companion volume to Three in Love, which will probably include more contemporary romances than its predecessor, or at least the love stories of those whose partners and relatives may still be living.  I think it would be helpful to read of those whose memory is still fresh to our present world and still relevant to those of us, determined to follow in the footsteps of past heroes and heroines but often finding them “a very long way off.”

Meanwhile, read, enjoy, and I trust, be inspired.  Marriage is not outmoded.  God is still in the business of uniting man and woman in holy matrimony and in cementing that union by the breath of His own boundless and unfathomable love!

Trudy Harvey Tait

Hampton, October, 2012.


Author: Trudy Harvey Tait

Number of pages: 144

ISBN: 978-1-932774-

Type: paperback

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

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